We of course ship worldwide. 

We offer shipping with FEDEX including tracking number. 

FEDEX ECONOMY for 40 USD (4-7 days on the route)

FEDEX PRIORITY for 80 USD (2-3 days on the route)


Please keep in mind that we try to send all our gear in max 3 days after receiving order, but sometimes it can take up to 10 days before it will be pack and send to you. 

Warranty repairs are free of charge for one year (damage due to normal use). Then we offer full customer service and repairs for free or for the cost of broken parts. We like to take care of our customers and even after warranty we usually charge only shipping costs, not repairs.

If you have any trouble, we are here to help!

If you need some repair or upgrade of Pyroterra Lighttoys – we are here to help you! We will need to inspect what is wrong. First step to do is to send on our email eshop@pyroterra.cz photo or ideally video with your problem. Then we will contact you and we will find solution for you how to continue.

I am sending goods back, where to send it and how?
If you will need to send Lighttoys back, you can send it to our address:

Martin Koubek (Pyroterra)
K Horomericum 26
16500 Prague
Czech Republic

IMPORTANT: If you are outside EU (European Union) you need to send it back for warranty repair with low value on parcel, otherwise your gear can stuck on customs, so please send the package back with value on it and on invoice MAX 20 USD.
Write on the box and in the documentation description that it’s broken LED toys for warranty repair. In post/shipping documentation you can have No commercial value option.

And please include in package note with info what is wrong with product and where you wish to send your repaired product.

For what I will need to pay?
– Ideally for nothing! If you have trouble with our gear and it is our fault, we will take all costs on process.  Only thing is that you need to pay shipping to our country first. Good news for you, if issue appeared under 3 months, we will refund you shipping back too! We always advice to find some low cost shipping.
If you are sending back equipment that went wrong after 3 or less months after purchasing, we will pay your shipping back, repairs and shipping again to your place.
If you have equipment more than 3 months, we will decide after receiving it here if it is warranty issue or if it is broken by bad usage… In both cases we will repair it and send back for free, but if it will be broken by bad usage we will not refund shipping to our place.
If you are after warranty or you lost it, process is the same, but you can be asked to pay for the price of repair.

What is repair price after warranty?
– If you have broken Lighttoys after warranty, we may charge you repair cost. But it is low cost – we will charge you only cost of broken parts.



  • Lighttoys manual
  • Visual Poi manual
  • Visual Poi composer (Windows) 1.12
  • Visual Poi composer (MAC OSX) 1.12


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Contact us via the email >>> eshop@pyroterra.cz