Lifetime service means that we will never let you down, even when the standard warranty period expires for your Lighttoys FT product(s) or Visual Poi.

For a small flat fee of 30 USD and shipping costs, we will repair your old beaten Lighttoys, or replace them completely! This service cannot be applied to cases of improper use, (e.g., contact with water, crushing of the device, etc…). More information about this service is here.

There are several features which help you recognize FT Range from old one. First of all, it is the new remote controller which has USB a connector, little blue LED on the front side and different buttons. Also, we changed the color of silicon protective bumpers to dark blue 😉 Also we change the main power switch for a new smart FT button. These are the main distinctive features to tell the two generations apart.

No. We examined this option in detail, unfortunately an upgrade is not possible.

Even though our new range of products might look the same at first glance, the internal wiring and electronics are completely changed.
Upgrade to FT would mean a complete rebuild of the product, which is not technically feasible. Thanks for your understanding.

For now, we offer two possibilities for programming your show. First, you can use our web app, FT Designer, for creating your show. It is easy to use and you do not need any experience with programming.

Or here is the second option. You can program your show manually. This option can be better for some people than use drag and drop app. If you’d like to program your show manually here is a documentation of our code.

First of all, check if your FT remote controller is turned ON (the blue indicator LED shines). If the blue LED blinks slowly, then a programmed show is running, please wait until it finishes. If the blue LED blinks fast, then the remote entered so-called “pairing mode”. Exit the pairing mode by pressing the PAIR button for 1 sec.

Your remote controller might simply not be paired to your FT device. Please perform the pairing procedure like described in the video:

We ship worldwide with FedEx courier company. 

Shipping cost depends on the size of an order and destination,

The shipping is fast, reliable and insured with tracking code. 

FedEx International Economy (3-6 days delivery)

FedEx International Priority (1-2 days delivery)


Please keep in mind that we try to send all orders in 3 days after receiving order, but if the product is not in stock, it can take up to 10 days. 

We offer 2 year warranty for European customers and 1 year warranty for customers worldwide. Warranty repairs are free of charge (damage due to normal use).

After the warranty period expires, we offer Lifetime service for FT generation and Visual poi V3 and newer. For the rest of our products we still offer full repair service just for the cost of broken parts and labor. We like to take care of our customers and even after warranty period is over we try to find the best option for you – be it a repair or discount for a new purchase!

If you have any trouble, we are here to help! Please contact us via email

How to pair (sync) your remote controller with LIGHTTOYS equipment:

1) Make sure your LED product is completely turned off with the main power switch.
2) Press and hold the “SMOOTH” button on the remote controller and turn your LED product on by its power switch.
3) Your LED product should blink white color, indicating successful pairing. From now on, this remote controls your LED product.

Video showing the whole process:

If you need a repair or upgrade of your Pyroterra Lighttoys product – we are here to help! First, we need to analyze what is wrong. Send us a description of the problem with photos or videos attached to our contact email We will contact you and find the best solution for you!




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