Where to get pyrotechnics? How do they look like?

In order to use your Lighttoys Boom device, you need to get suitable pyrotechnics first.

You are looking for a product called pyrotechnic gerb (or fountain) with electric ignition. How to get it and how much it costs depends on the country you reside – in some cases you might need a pyrotechnic license. Our advice is to study the related law and contact your local pyrotechnic (fireworks) company and kindly ask them for an advice.

For European and USA customers, we recommend gerbs from Le Maitre company: http://www.lemaitreltd.com

For other customers and as a cheaper alternative you can try sourcing silver pyrotechnic gerb 3 meters, 30 seconds from China, Gerbs & Fountains from Quicksilver SFX supplies or long duration gerbs from Ultratec.

If you have pyrotechnic product without electronic ignition, you can buy separate electronic igniters and insert into your pyrotechnics.

Rules and laws concerning pyrotechnics are very specific in each country and we do not have the capacity to study them all, you need to check by yourself.