Our team always strives to bring you the very best from your Pyroterra Lighttoys devices. That is why we are releasing new firmware for your Visual Poi V4 and other FT devices, which unlocks great functionality and fixes known bugs.

We strongly recommend to perform the update, so you can enjoy the latest and greatest from Pyroterra Lighttoys!

What is new?

FT firmware 180813 brings the following:

  • improved ON/OFF battery indication
  • Favorite modes – quickly store your best color settings
  • new PULSE command for LSF programming
  • other enhancements and fixes

Visual Poi V4 firmware v0.36 brings the following:

  • possibility to completely reset the VPOI4 FLASH memory with the main button
  • improved ON/OFF battery indication
  • fix for rare occasions when the last LED of V4 MAXI could blink randomly in green color
  • numerous other stability improvements and fixes

For a complete list of changes, please read the full changelog, that comes together with the update package.

How to perform the update?

The firmware update is a delicate procedure, so please follow these instructions carefully. First, you need to download the correct update package, depending on which product you own:

  1. If you own any FT product (like Zebra Poi, Buugeng, Fans or Staffs), please download the FT update package
  2. If you own any Visual Poi V4 product (like V4 MINI, CLASSIC, MAXI or Wand), please download the VPOI4 update package

After you download the correct update package and extract it, please follow the PDF instruction manuals included with the package or follow the video tutorial below:

We hope you like the new features as much as we do! 😎


Question: With the new firmware, I cannot stop the running show with the buttons 1,2,3,4 why?
Answer: The running show sequence can be stopped only with the red ON/OFF button. This change was needed because of the favorite modes functionality.

Question: The favorite modes don’t work with my Visual Poi V4. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: First delete all memory banks 1-4 from LtComposer, then the favorite modes will be available to save and use.

Question: After the FW update, the shows randomly stop after few seconds, or the color modes goes to blue standby mode. Why?
Answer: Probably one of your devices is running the old firmware. Please make sure that all your FT remotes and FT devices are updated.