LED Buugeng availability?

Hello everyone,

as you probably noticed, the LED Buugeng has not been available for a very long time. Our team is very sorry for that and we would like to provide you with an explanation. The original supplier of the LEDs ceased the production without prior notice. We already spent several weeks negotiating and testing other supplier, but based on quality concerns, we had to move on and continue our quest for suitable LEDs.

Things are shaping up well though, we are testing new LEDs now. Unfortunately, we will miss the Christmas season and the new batch of LED Buugengs should be available beginning of 2018. Thanks for your kind understanding.

P.S.: On the flip side, we have a small surprise for you, the new LED Buugengs will be upgraded – the sides will be separated into A and B light segments, separately controlled. The patience will be worth it!