What’s the idea?

To create a wonderful video altogether! If you have any generation of Zebra Poi do not hesitate and become a part of a community video!
Video Idea is that Zebra Poi can just take you out from reality to the world of zebra Joy! In the video there should be all spinners around the world doing something “regular” and when Zebra Poi will turn on – it will call to them and they will just stop doing everything and run to spin them! And we will need you to participate to have videos to cut this idea together :)!

zebra world

It is simple – everyone who wants to take part in needs to shoot 3 things:
1) You are doing something normal (reading a book, sleeping, being in pub, etc.), then its time when Zebra poi is calling you – Zebra should be somewhere in your normal scene. Lit it up and that’s the moment when Zebra is calling for you – stop doing what you do and grab it!

2) You are running from your 1. location to the place where you want to spin

3) Make it happen! Start spinning (or do anything you wish 🙂 ) at the location where you run. You need to spin just for a part of music – we will cut just short parts from all videos.

Then we will take all your videos and make a big mashup from it!
Here is an example:

We need videos from you in decent quality, so please check here how to make it:

And this is a link to music we will use:

I want to be part of it!

You need to create video regarding instructions above. Keep in mind that we can choose only ones that are in decent video quality.
Don’t be limited by anything! Any crazy idea is more than welcome :)!
Then just send us what you did on email: ZEBRA@PYROTERRA.CZ
You should use any file upload sites like: https://wetransfer.com
You can do solo or group videos, no limitations.

DUE DATE: Please post your videos before the 30th of May.