The mission

Pyroterra Lighttoys always strived to improve and bring you something special in the field of LED technology.
Our team has been working hard for 2 years to create a new advanced controlling system of your gear. The revolution is here – welcome the FT!

Why is FT range special?

The goal was to merge the best of two worlds together – a simple real-time control for those who like to play with colors and an advanced light programming for enthusiasts and professional performers. Both enabled by a single smart remote, now with a signal range up to 200 meters!

FT remote

The new FT remote controller retains the simplicity you love and adds a host of new features.

Manual mode – click on any color, change the brightness, select one of the new cool modes and change the speed. Become a “light DJ”!
Program mode – design up to 4 programmed light shows and upload them into your FT device. Fire up the show by pressing button 1-4 on the FT remote.
Want to start using FT technology in no time? Check out: Lighttoys FT – quick start guide

Battery indication

All FT devices come equipped with a handy battery life indicator.
During each turning ON/OFF, you will see LEDs blinking in a color from green to red:


Protection of the battery – all FT gear will turn off when depleted or after 30 minutes of inactivity to save battery power.


Smart button

A new power button makes all FT devices more reliable. Gone are the days when you could accidentally
turn your device ON/FF during performance or transportation… A long press is the way to go!


A/B light segments

Selected FT devices come with 2 light segments, which can be separately controlled and programmed.
Explore the myriads of possible color combinations and cool modes never seen before!

FT Programming

Ever dreamed about a beautiful light sequence accompanying your performance, perfectly in tune with music and your show?

Now that dream has come true – welcome to the exciting world of FT programming! Create your light sequence in the FT designer or write the code by hand. Next, upload the sequence to your FT device. Then start it any time with a simple press of a button on the FT remote or FT device and watch the audience go crazy!

Perfect sync

Perfect Sync is a unique functionality of the new Visual Poi V4 generation and FT products. It makes sure that your Visual Pois always start and run synchronized, no matter how strong the electronic interference at the stage is or when the performer accidentally stops the show. Focus on your performance, not on things that could go wrong.

Under control with FT loader

FT loader is a small yet powerful application used to upload your light sequences and manage your FT devices. You can make FT devices more personal with unique names; upload and play your shows, check battery levels and more.

Want to start using FT loader now? Check out: Lighttoys FT – loader app guide


LT Composer

Powerfull app for building your shows and control all Lighttoys FT and Visual Poi devices. It’s user-friendly – just select your music, add timelines, click on a timeline and choose color or effect you wish to create.
Features: Multitrack, timeline with music, markers, previews, drag-and-drop, and much more.

LtComposer 3.2 (Windows)
LtComposer 3.2 (MAC)


Wireless is the way to go

All communication between FT remote and FT devices is wireless with range up to 200 meters.
No messing with tangled cables, no connectors that could go wrong!


Always up to date

All FT devices are ready to be updated over-the-air with the latest improvements from Pyroterra Lighttoys!
When we make the FT devices smarter, you can enjoy the latest advancements.


Lifetime service

We stand behind the quality of our products and want you to always have peace of mind. All FT products
come with a lifetime service – even after the warranty period ends, we will not let you down.
For a small fee we will repair/replace it and make it working again! How it works.

Video walktrough

User manuals with all information


FT Quick start guide



FT Loader APP



FT Data Format