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If you need a repair or upgrade of your Pyroterra Lighttoys product – we are here to help! First, we need to analyze what is wrong. Send us a photo or video to our email eshop@pyroterra.cz with description of the problem. We will contact you and find the best solution for you.

I am sending goods back, where to send it and how?
Should you need to send Lighttoys products back, please send it to the following address:

Martin Koubek (Pyroterra s.r.o.)
K Horomericum 26
16500 Prague
Czech Republic

IMPORTANT: If you reside outside EU (European Union) you need to send the goods back for warranty repair with low value declared on the parcel, otherwise your gear will get stuck at customs, so please send the package back with declared value 16 USD MAX.
Write on the box and in the postal documentation that it’s broken LED toys for warranty repair.

And please include in the package a note with information about what is wrong with your Lighttoys product and where you wish to send it back after repair.

For what I will need to pay?
Ideally for nothing! If your Lighttoys props are within the warranty period, you just need to send them back to us. We will do the repair procedure and return shipping free of charge.
If your Lighttoys prop fails within 3 months after the purchase, we will even cover the shipping costs from you to us!
Please be advised, that the warranty might be voided if the product was subject to water, electronic discharge, intentional abuse or the product was opened and tinkered with.

What is repair price after warranty?
If your broken Lighttoys props are after warranty period, we will charge minimal repair cost – the cost of broken/replaced parts and labor.


If you are ordering outside of European union, your customs office may charge you import duties and taxes. We cannot take any responsibility for that or alter it. You should check with your customs office in your country, if you will be charged for imported gear.

We try to send all orders in 3 days after receiving your payment, but note when the gear is not in stock it can take up to 10 days to send it. If you want to receive your Lighttoys props as fast as possible, use PayPal for payment and select FedEx International Priority is shipping option. When your order is very time sensitive, always contact us first. Thanks for understanding!

How to pair (sync) your remote controller with LIGHTTOYS equipment:

1) Make sure your LED product is completely turned off with the main power switch.
2) Press and hold the “SMOOTH” button on the remote controller and turn your LED product on by its power switch.
3) Your LED product should blink white color, indicating successful pairing. From now on, this remote controls your LED product.

Video showing the whole process:

We ship worldwide with FedEx courier company. 

The shipping is fast, reliable and insured with tracking code. 

FedEx International Economy for 39 USD (3-6 days delivery)

FedEx International Priority for 59 USD (1-2 days delivery)


Please keep in mind that we try to send all orders in 3 days after receiving order, but if the product is not in stock, it can take up to 10 days. 


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Contact us via the email >>> eshop@pyroterra.cz