Because we do care

Buying a Lighttoys product can be quite an investment. So in return you expect the very best, right?
That’s why all current Lighttoys products come with a LIFETIME SERVICE.
We are proud about the stuff we do and we want to create smiles on people’s faces, not just the moment the package arrives at your doorstep, but everlasting!

How it works

After the standard warranty expires for your Lighttoys product, LIFETIME SERVICE takes over:
If any issue with your Lighttoys product appears, we will repair it for a fee depending on the repair complexity – most of the repairs will be
30-50 USD, difficult repairs up to 30% of the product cost (charged per piece of the equipment).
Always contact us first to get a repair fee estimate!

Lifetime service is offered for extra 2 years after the product was discontinued by Pyroterra Lighttoys (not available for purchase).


You need to send the broken product back to our base – contact us about details. After the repair, we will send the product back to you
using FedEx International Economy (our standard rates apply).


Lifetime service applies only to Lighttoys FT, Visual Poi V3, V4 and newer generation of products.
Our team reserves the right to call the product unrepairable. In such scenario Pyroterra Lighttoys might still offer a 30% upgrade discount towards the same type of product from our current catalog. You need to ship the broken product back to us first, before you can apply for the upgrade discount.